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A delightful collection of lovely girls, delightful inspirations, divine naughtiness and absolute beauty !




I am still in shock from the UCSB shootings and the callous acts of sociopathic violence that brought the unjust demise of 6 innocent people simply through an act of narcissistic rage. I am outraged as much as anyone else out there and justifiably so. This was an absolutely horrific act but the outrage does not end there.


I am not outraged by the gun laws that supposedly enabled this deranged man-child to acquire the firearms. I am not outraged by what the media is calling his “manifesto”( a lofty title ascribing undeserved coherence to the ramblings of a certifiably insane person) I am outraged by the death toll and I am outraged by the reactions I am reading in the media both public/network/news  and social networks. Our society SUCKS as of late. Events like this should UNITE and not polarize people. Events like this should make people come together as a community and solve what is a serious and ongoing problem. The senseless violence and rage that seems to be more and more commonplace in our supposedly civilized corner of the world needs to stop.


First thing I want to say to the sociopath who did this and those who think like he does. WOMEN DO NOT OWE ANYONE SEX !!  Sex is earned through evolutionary desirability. Attractiveness is either something you are born with if you are lucky or it is something you cultivate but it is not something that is just declared and sexual reciprocation is NOT a right nor is it a commodity to be bartered or traded for in any way shape or form. Of course I am being honest with the men about this but the ladies are also NOT off the hook.


I have read several accounts and blogs and lofty accusations that this was a crime of misogyny. I agree that this guy was a misogynist but these were the actions of a deranged, sociopathic LUNATIC and not a misogynist. I am a freedom loving person, I do not buy into the whole forced tolerance and forced/institutionalized line of politically “correct” BULLSHIT. I believe that we as adults have a right to be feminists or elitists or misogynists or racists or any other “ist” negative or positive that we choose to be as long as we do not infringe upon the rights and lives of others. When we choose to exercise power over others we are either narcissists or sociopaths or BOTH!  It is OK to dislike someone or something, this is called being alive and having a life experience to base your opinions on whether they are right or wrong. We all like and dislike something or someone but fear admitting to it because the stigma of the “ist” is so over the top in our supposedly “free” country. These coldblooded murders were the actions of a PSYCHOPATH, not an “ist” or a spoiled brat, or a victim of bullying but a cold blooded killer with no capacity for empathy or concept of human life beyond himself.The other things were just details.


Finally there is that idiotic All American campaign chestnut aka the gun control question. I do not own a gun, I have no intention of owning a gun but I think blaming this on guns is IDIOTIC !  We do not  blame drunk driving on the car or the alcohol we blame it on the INDIVIDUAL and from what I have seen drunk drivers kill far more people annually than guns do. These UCSB actions were not done by a gun, they were done by a PERSON wielding a gun and also a knife and a BMW. Three of six people were stabbed to death. Banning guns is actually not going to solve a damn thing because this is NOT a gun problem ,this is a serious SOCIAL problem. Our social policies and childrearing/disciplining concepts ARE FAILING ! We as a society are raising far too many entitled sociopaths. Our medical system and law enforcement system that were given ample warning and an open declaration via YouTube FAILED US and FAILED those poor victims and their families through negligence and apathy.

Finally to those calling women who are alarmed by this as "Femnazis" GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT !!Scary radical feminism was not a Nazi construct but quite the opposite. Radical feminism finds its roots in Marxist theory and was pioneered by the likes of Clara Zetkin, Emma Goldman and Rosa Luxembourg all staunch supporters of COMMUNISM ! Rosa Luxembourg was actually killed by the conservatives in Germany for trying to incite revolutionary actions. FemiCommies would be a more historically accurate bit of slander. After reading what some women write about the opposite gender I think I will begin to label myself an Equalist and not a feminist since I believe in equality for all genders and orientations 


I am tired of the name calling, the insta campaigning by the politicians on ridiculous platforms of abolition when the true problem is a lack of culture, social cohesion, attention and general humanity. The finger pointing, the bullying, the materialism, the image worship, the touchy feely nonsense and the constant apologist nonsense that seems to define our culture these last 45-50 years needs to STOP and then maybe these horrid acts will also start to diminish and finally stop !!


Tired of the BS and the carnage. Sorry for the long rant


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Answers to FAQs about me..........................

Where were you born? All you need to know is that I am French and that English is my 3rd language.

Things that make you happy ?Beautiful girls,whimsical thoughts, lovely clothes, stilleto heels, elegance, Chanel perfumes, corsets, English accents, the French language, stockings, elegant lingerie, vintage clothes, hazelnut coffee and of course France.

Can we chat? No we cant I am not here to get picked up or to pick anyone up. I am not interested in all of that.

Can we go out? NO !!! I am happily married to an eccentric mad genius, scientist, aviator, adventurer and obtainer of rare antiquities and planning on staying that way.

Can we use your art? Well ONLY with my permission and then ONLY if I get credit. I NEVER allow my art to be used for photo manips but I do very much embrace the idea of being an inspiration for paintings and drawings.

What is your education? I have a degree in medicine and in architectural history. I am a self taught muse.

Why do you model? Well I love art, I love the creative process and in all honesty it really thrills me.

Other fun and random stuff. I love old and classical music, Opera and Ballet are my weakness, I am addicted to coffee, I think pantyhose are loathsome, I love Agent Provocatuer LingerieI am so honest somepeople consider me a bitch, some people consider me an angel,I think foot fetishes are GROSS and I think feet are gross, I love all things English and French, I used to be a runway model in Europe, I lived in three countries by the time I was 23. I agreed to marry my husband after 2 weeks of dating. He proposed after 12 days.

Current Residence: A glorious California city, a beautiful Art Deco House. A citizen of the world.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XS, the tighter the better. Do they make a corset?
Print preference: Cute girls, flowers, and animals . Im a girl
Favourite genre of music: Classical , Big Band, Swing, Jazz ( pre 1950s) EDITH PIAF
Favourite photographer: My husband. The guy responsible for all these images. I also WORSHIP Minon Minon of DA fame
Favourite style of art: Pinup, Photography, and anything original
Operating System: Classic Chanel
MP3 player of choice: Garters, Stockings and Heels but never bare feet or flip flops
Shell of choice: The kind you find at the beach on a warm day. My tortoiseshell cat
Wallpaper of choice: One with deco prints
Skin of choice: Tan to pale depends o time of year
Favourite cartoon character: Jessica Rabbit & Pepe Le Pew now there is a sexy pair = )
Personal Quote: Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death

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